Qigong Workshop | Nov. 23rd


Saturday, November 23, 2019 from 1-2:30pm



Chris Cock, Qigong and Yoga instructor will share in philosophy and movement of Qigong. This is a practice that will enhance a yoga practice and for yoga instructors, your teaching style. Enjoy the subtle, poetic, flowing poses while accessing and expanding your own energetic field.

Neither teacher nor student? Then this type of gentle movement may be just what your body needs. Join us as we Pull Up the Clouds, become Boat Flowing through the Mountains, or Radiant Lotus Rising from the Water while we learn to cleanse organs, open energy channels, and begin to understand just how much the natural world is part of our being.
Chris has been practicing yoga for 50 years, teaching yoga for over 20. She took up Qigong in 2005 and immediately saw the energetic relationship to yoga. Once she started incorporating it into her yoga classes, the value of the moves became obvious in her own practice as well as students and even for friends not involved in any other body work.

This is a truly an amazing experience! Signup today as space is limited. All levels of practitioners (beginners to seasoned) are welcome. Cost: $25. Register in studio or online.


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